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How to Photograph Your Car

While your car may be spectacular in person, a bad photo can make it look like the opposite. As the one of the first things LUXnow members will see, the photos of your car make the difference between being an in-demand Partner or being overlooked. To help you get started, below are some tips to on the basics of quality car photography to make your vehicle a hit.

1. The time of the day

The best time to photograph your car is during ‘golden hours’; a few minutes after sunrise or before sunset. During this period, the sun is higher and redder, which can cast a flattering, soft light on your car’s paint. Lighting is the most important part to consider, so always make sure there is sufficient light before shooting, especially if you’re shooting at night

2. Location

You don’t necessarily need to shoot your car in an exotic location. In fact, a simple setting can make your car stand out even more. Consider shooting in a natural setting such as a road, car park or business district (for a more modern feel). Finding the right location can improve the quality of the photo and enhance your car’s features.

3. Angles

Now that you have the location and lighting down, it’s time to start thinking about angles. Angles can help you showcase your car better and highlight the best features of your car. While it’s perfectly alright to shoot from eye level, you may want to experiment with different angles and points.

4. Exterior and interior details

Exterior shots of your car can enhance your car’s main design features. Take a good look at your car and try to exploit exterior details such as shapes, badges, wheels, or grills. It’s also important to remember the interior details of your car to further highlight the great design features of your car.