Miami, FL

$8500 x 1 day 102000
Coverage 0
Taxes $ 0
Clean Up Fee $ 0
Security Deposit $ 5000


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Jennifer Mosseri

Villa San Luca

Requires 12 hour advance notice

Home Details

Lot Size 39000.0 ft.
Unit Size 39000.0 ft.
Bedrooms 9
Beds 0
Full Bathroom 10
Half Bathroom 3
Floors 2
Balcony 1
Garage 1

Guest Capacity

Maximum Guests 20

Home Description


Comprehensive payment protection

Protects 100% of your payment from things like fraud, phishing, significant property misrepresentation, wrongful denial of entry, or uninhabitable property on arrival

Security deposit protection

100% of our security deposit is covered if wrongfully held

Cancellation booking assistance

Find another rental for you should your booking be cancelled by an owner or manager last minute