What is LUXnow

LUXnow is the World's largest luxury assets marketplace.

People who owns luxury assets can create free listing and start renting them to other LUXnow community members.

We call listing members Hosts & booking members Lux Guests

LUXnow helps reduce cost of management of such assets while Hosts can keep enjoying them and choose listing time for their availability and managing them accordingly to their calendar

Also it allows Lux Guests to have access to asset other members own and book to enjoy them for just a day or two.

You can Access LUXnow conveniently on the web or on the mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

How Booking Works

Simply select luxury destination of your choice & browse hundreds of privately own assets.


You pick the car, yacht charter or luxury home of your choice and start the booking process. Through the process you can communicate with Hosts directly but also ask for assistance to our friendly booking agents.


Contact Booking Assistant For Help with Your Booking


How Listing Works

Go on Hosts section and start listing your assets.


When you list your assets on LUXnow platform you get peace of mind that your assets are covered by endurance ans secured. You also get personalized assistance from our friendly agents that can troubleshoot arrangements with your listing.

Your have control over all your booking arrangements and communications with your preferred Lux Guests.


To grantee best results for your listings we recommend you use high quality image reflecting our media publishing guidelines.

Contact Listing Assistant For Help with Your Listing


Asset owners must first become a LUXnow Partner by signing up for an account via the LUXnow app or on the LUXnow website located at [www.luxnow.com/ partner/application] and completing the LUXnow Partner Enrollment Profile.

During the approval process, the Partner will be asked to provide (among other customary information):
  • A description of the luxury vehicle, vessel, property or aviation service
  • Digital photographs (or video clips) of the vehicle or other asset
  • VIN and registration number (or comparable identifying
  • information for other assets)
  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank account information including Tax ID number/SSN in order to be paid via direct deposit

It does not cost anything to become a Partner. LUXnow will collect between 25% and 30% of the total rental amount for luxury vehicles.

LUXnow will initiate payment to Partners via direct deposit within 24 hours of the completion of the rental.

The Partner manually sets their own rental price

Yes. We screen all applicants and conduct thorough background checks before allowing them to become Members and rent on our platform. We request the following information before an applicant is approved as a Member and reconfirm prior to each rental:
  • US or International Driver’s License
  • Mobile Phone
  • Payment information

Become a LUXnow Member by signing up for an account via the LUXnow app or on the LUXnow website located at [www.luxnow.com/memberhsip] and completing the LUXnow Member Enrollment Profile.

During the Member approval process, Members will be asked to provide:
  • A driver’s license (domestic or international)
  • A mobile phone number • A debit or credit card registered in the Member’s name

There are no Member fees associated with LUXnow.

There are no Member fees associated with LUXnow.

Member applications are processed in real-time.

No. LUXnow is an online and mobile destination where Members can rent luxury vehicles, and will be expanding to include private yachts, exclusive properties, private aviation services, and other luxury-based services that are offered by independent third-party owners and service providers who we refer to as our “Partners.”

LUXnow currently serves the following rental markets: South Florida (Miami to Palm Beach), Los Angeles and New York City (Tri-State area).

The time and location of pick-up will be specified in the renter’s rental confirmation. The renter can coordinate the pick-up location with the Partner to accommodate each of their needs.

Yes, delivery is available.

Yes, renters must use their own insurance. LUXnow will soon offer Full Coverage.