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Bryan Guarch


If a company is lucky, once in its lifetime it will strike gold and unleash onto the world a new design, a new concept, that will take the population by storm. Rare is the situation when a car manufacturer can capture that lightning in a bottle twice, but Lamborghini, the internationally recognized symbol for high end luxury sports vehicles, has done just that with their brand new Lamborghini Aventador. Just like the powerful and revered fighting bull this car is named after, the Aventador cowers those around it with its beauty and power. Years of design intelligence and engineering have gone into making this car as luxurious as it is powerful. With a racing inspired performance package and aerodynamic body design, the Aventador redefines the concept of the sports performance vehicle with its acceleration, top speed and handling. Unlike other cars that try to compete in its class, however, it also provides the ultimate in driver comfort and luxury. More than a new model, it is the next level. As long as you live in the shadow of others, you will never establish your own identity as an international icon. The Lamborghini Aventador may be the next model from one of the most legendary car makers in the world, but it is second to none. Instead of hiding in shadows, it is the new light that illuminates the automotive world...Lamborghini Aventador


Seats 2
Transmission Automatic
Odometer None
Interior Black
Exterior Yellow
Automatic Emergency Braking
Blind-spot Monitoring
Bluetooth Connectivity

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