Miami Brothers let you rent fancy cars through their luxnow app

LUXnow, which launched this summer in Miami, is the creation of brothers Anthony and Gary Marotta.

Posted on: September 08, 2017

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A Ferrari 458 is one of the options available on LUXnow, a luxury car rental app based in Miami.

It’s 5 o’clock on a Saturday night, and you feel like revving the engine of a luxury car that’s a little more exotic than what’s in your carport. Thanks to two Miami brothers, there’s an app for that.

LUXnow, which launched this summer in Miami, is the creation of brothers Anthony and Gary Marotta. As co-founders of Carefree Lifestyle, a Miami luxury car rental and concierge service established in 1999, the Marottas said they wanted to find a cutting-edge way to connect Miami locals and visitors with their expertly curated portfolio of luxury cars.

The LUXnow app, developed by two Miami brothers, delivers luxury rental cars with the push of a button.

“We recognized an opportunity to provide consumers with an on-demand luxury rental experience, while at the same time providing owners with a pipeline to securely and efficiently loan out their idle assets while generating passive income,” Anthony Marotta said. “Through this new platform, we look forward to delivering the same exceptional service, consistent portfolio, and extraordinary experiences that our customers have come to know and trust.”

After downloading the LUXnow app through the App Store or Google Play, users can scroll through a picture-popping list of what rides are available near them: Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more.

To test the service, Indulge downloaded the LUXnow app and set up an account; it’s a seamless process to scan your driver’s license and input insurance and payment info. We selected a 2014 Ferrari 458 – retail price: $262,000 – which LUXnow offers for $1,699 a day (our trial day was comped). The car was immediately on its way, and soon a friendly LUXnow driver handed us the keys, and we were off. The service lets you drive 100 miles a day as part of the rental price; all you have to do is make sure the gas tank is back to where it was when you got it.

Indulge Editor in Chief Evan Benn with a Ferrari 458 rented from LUXnow, an app that connects users to luxury car rentals in Miami.

After its Miami launch, LUXnow is planning to expand to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The company will soon include villas, yachts and private jets among its click-to-rent inventory.